ASEAN Changemakers

The ASEAN Changemaker Community and ASEAN Eureka! 2016

asean changemakerAs an initiative of the Yayasan Media Hebat, the ASEAN Changemaker Community’ mission is to leverage media to instill and promote a culture of changemaking among ASEAN youths and ultimately, build a community of ASEAN changemakers.

In its effort to strengthen regional connectivity, the ASEAN Changemaker Community organized a meeting of ASEAN changemakers, ASEAN Eureka! 2016, on 24th and 25th May 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. ASEAN Eureka! 2016 is a regional convening of ASEAN most prominent social entrepreneurs and daring game-changers.

The programme aims to reimagine and redefine today’s ASEAN and recreate it for the better by fostering innovative social transformation. We do this by emphasizing bridging leadership and inclusive partnership at the regional level as a mechanism for creating large-scale, deep-impact and sustainable change across ASEAN.

During ASEAN Eureka! 2016, our task is to discover the next big idea – the Eureka! moment – that will make the future of ASEAN not just different, but radically better. We believe, only by seeing our ASEAN anew, we are able to form a new perspective and set a new boundary.

Yayasan Media Hebat is a media-based charitable foundation that focuses its activities and programmes on the betterment and uplifting the standard of the media industry in Malaysia.

Registered on 20th August 2015 under the Trustees (Incorporation) Act 1952 [Act 258], the foundation operates under the auspices and supervision of the Legal Affairs Division of the Prime Minister’s Department Malaysia.


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